Gain market leadership &
competitive advantage

To become a world leader in enterprise advancement through partnering.

At this workshop you will gain a deep understanding on how to:

  • Co-Establish successful strategic partnerships
  • Co-create superior joint strategies
  • Co-commercialise breakthrough innovations
  • Co-author pioneering intellectual property
  • Transform your business and life through better collaboration

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Presented by John Gibson, Kate Osborne & a team EALeague Partner Advisory Board Certified Professionals, you will experience a total immersion into the new commercial world of cooperative partnering and the superior success this method can deliver.

This workshop ultimately shows you how to make money from cooperative partnering while delivering improved services to clients, by:


new joint product, service and enterprise offerings


revenue & profit opportunities for you and your clients


downside risk and transaction costs associated with innovation


the cost of investment in breakthrough research and development


the success of innovation to transform your enterprise


insights and clarity through shared experiences and feedback


new partners to collaborate with to find new levels of mutual success

  Divide Costs & Multiply Opportunities  

About The Ealeague Partner Ready Project

The EALeague Partner Ready Workshop is designed to assist Knowledge Pioneers and Practitioners alike, by connecting all participants in a Partner Ready way, using the breakthrough innovations developed by the EALeague and its co-founding partners. Depending on your commercial objectives, preferences and availability, you have a choice to attend either the full two-day event, or come to the second day, which is also a stand-alone one-day event.

You should attend both days of the two-day Partner Ready Workshop if you:

  • Are currently, or wish to be in the future, a Knowledge Pioneer in your field of expertise,
    industry and business
  • Are a business owner, Director or Senior Executive who needs to stay up to date with the
    latest developments in the market in partnering, strategy, innovation and IP
  • Are a professional or specialist who seek a deeper structural understanding of cooperative
    partnering, strategy, innovation & IP development
  • Learn the fundamental strategies, systems, methods and frameworks of the EALeague
    Partner Ready process.
  • Aim to teach, train or coach the EALeague Partner Ready methodology to others
  • Want to grow your business by inviting your colleagues, clients, stakeholders and prospects to Day 2 of the Partner Ready Workshop to better advance your enterprise objectives

You should attend Day 2 of the two-day Partner Ready Workshop if you:

  • Are currently a Professional or Advisor who wishes to work with clients utilising the
    EALeague Partner Ready process
  • Are a business owner, Director, Senior Executive, professional or specialist who …
  • Seek an introductory understanding of cooperative partnering, strategy, innovation &
    IP development
  • Learn the basic steps and tools used within the EALeague Partner Ready process.
  • Intend to operate the EALeague Partner Ready processes within your place of work
  • May wish to become a EALeague Partner Ready Knowledge Pioneer in the future

  Engage, Share, Interact & Profit  

What Will You Gain By Attending?

By attending either Day 1 or Day 2 of the the EALeague Partner Ready Workshop, you and your team you will:

  • Understand the power of becoming certified as Partner Ready so you can more easily integrate your products, services and enterprises with other Partner Ready businesses
  • Acquire skills in how to create successful Supply Chain, Sector and Selective Strategic Partnerships that divide costs and multiply opportunities
  • Ascertain the best in class online and cloud tools available to assist your core enterprise and your partnering efforts
  • Enjoy a detailed walk through the EALeague ecosystem, its structure, key processes and all of the functionality it offers to individuals, businesses and groups
  • Adopt a process for identifying and implementing strategic partnerships in a timely manner
  • Co-create breakthrough innovations and establish the commercial opportunities that arise from them
  • Experience the EALeague’s sensational ‘Make It While We Meet’ events format, which combines and stacks outbound business functions to reduce time, multiply revenues and increase profits
  • Co-author various intellectual property products to establish your position as a knowledge pioneer and world leader in your field of expertise**
  • Learn how leading professional firms are implementing the Partner Ready program to develop previously untapped commercial opportunities and success
  • Confound your competition by creating a ‘Cooperative Competitive Advantage’ that elevates you beyond vendor and supplier rivalries
  • See how to offer your clients a paradigm shift in product, service and enterprise that has them telling everyone they know how “Amazing” your business is
  • Achieve new capabilities in administration, product, finance, marketing, sales, production & distribution of business advisory services and enterprise in general
  • Gain a range of leading edge, new products that you can immediately deliver easily and quickly to market, to gain new clients and further develop current clients
  • Meet your new EALeague Agent who will bring new partners to your table for mutual business success*
  • Meet Partner Ready Advisory Board Professionals who can show you and your current professionals, how to multiply your success through partnering
  • Draft a Partner Ready Program so your business is ready to attract and integrate with new partners
  • Draft a Partner Ready Schedule so you can see the timeframe and outcomes that your Partner Ready Program is targeted to deliver

Ealeague Partner Ready Workshop Modules

Click on a module below to see more details.

Compound your time, achieve superior work-life balance and co-create breakthrough IP

It’s like a brainstorming meeting on steroids combined with the ultimate business development event. Learn to structure and leverage your meetings by compounding your efforts, to get greater commercial results in far less time. In the EAL, we call it ‘Making It While You Meet’. The EAL ‘Making It While We Meet’ events format, combines the functions of learning, branding, marketing, relationship building, selling, storytelling, journey making, visual mapping and intellectual property development into a single seamless stacked process. Once you know how, your enterprise can begin ‘Making It While You Meet’ for substantial increases in revenue, profit and team satisfaction.

[NOTE: Guys, this is an example below of the Assessment and Assessment Completion Reward. Rather than have an assessment at the end, I wish to do one after each module, to give everyone the feeling of progress and to link assessments, agreements and rewards together…I will add to this in the next day or two)


Complete the ‘Making It While You Meet’

Assessment Completion Reward:

  • Several individual photos
  • Company profile video
  • EAL ‘Making It While You Meet’ Certification Certificate

Pump-up your opportunities, divide your costs and gain greater support

[It’s like the coming home to business family] or [It’s like the enterprise family you never had]. Join the next big breakthrough innovation technology in all markets – a superior standard of cooperative agreement between people to co-create better lives, enterprises and societies. Learn how to increase your offerings, clients and markets and divide your enterprise costs and hassles. Find the better way to share your enterprise journey, benefits and challenges with other like-minded entrepreneurs. The EAL is a cooperative partnering league that guides you through these new ways of partnering and agreement, to open new horizons for growth, success, satisfaction and profit.

Text here…

Assessment Completion Reward:

  • Text here…
  • EAL Certification Certificate

Power-up your chosen goals and avoid conflict, via the pathway of least resistance

It’s like a GPS to guide your journeys in life, business and society. Discover the paradigm shift in strategy, forecasting and planning called MetaStrategy, to make greater sense of your position, and better decisions in your actions. See how MetaStrategy will ‘increase the smarter and reduce the harder’ in everything you do, while opening the door to partnering, innovation and IP possibilities. The MetaStrategy 10 Steps To ‘Success Without Setbacks’ will enable your strategy, planning and actions to fully harness the unseen power of human emotions and terrain, so you can reach your goals more powerfully, more effectively and more inclusively.

Text here… 

Assessment Completion Reward:

  • Text here…
  • EAL Certification Certificate


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